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Awesomely creepy design, well pixeled and well animated. I can't help but point out the right ankle seems to pulsate a little bit but it's a minor nit pick.

Mataknight responds:

Oh, yeah! I see it now. I never noticed it before, but now that you mention it, it does seem to grow and shrink a little. Thanks for pointing that out, I never would have seen it. ^_^

I've seen 2 of your works frontpaged now and haven't seen any suggestions or criticism on them. So I'm going to be brutally honest here. Retro style pixel art can look amazing but in my opinion this does not. I find your pixel art to be amateurish. Your colours are very basic and don't work well together. You don't want to overuse colours that are too obnoxiously bright (those colours that you see in the default ms paint pallet = Bad). Many things look out of proportion and some parts just look badly shaped. In pieces like this, when line work looks too sharp or oddly shaped, you can use slightly lighter colours around it to give the impression of anti-aliasing and reshape it. lastly you are abusing pixel dithering. the over-dithered look is a pet peeve of mine. I suggest exploring and practicing other shading techniques and using dithering more subtly. This review may come across as patronizing but just know that's not my intention.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Why thanks for the constructive criticism (it shouldn't hurt). It should be helpful as I'm aware of mistakes and I do want to humble myself when making art. I do not want to delete this comment otherwise not only does it offend you but it made me like a fool. I've taken Photoshop for game art back in 2013 and my Teacher help me as a better student and an artists through Constructive Criticism.

Horrible colours and quite messy. The background looks especially messy and displays little effort. The astronaut kids look.. OK, but the line work and colouring could be improved upon greatly. Next time you should put more effort into creating a more appealing background and be more thorough when drawing characters and objects.

I'm an artist/animator/guitarist from Australia, although I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at any one of those things.

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