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An interesting piece of work.. though If you want to get a message out there, I would avoid using manipulative music. If i'm on the fence about an issue and I watch an opinionated video on that issue which contains music that tries to force you to feel something, It will only drive me to side with the opposition.

The animation was simple but good and I agree with the message too. Art is a special service in that few people can do it (most people don't have any artistic talent) there for it is worth more and good artists should be paid a much higher rate than people who perform common services such as Cashiers or Waiters (jobs that anyone can perform). Too many people fail to realize this.

Although I realist the main character had to accept the offer in order for you to make the rest of your points, in my opinion the fact that he accepts what seems to be a shitty offer makes him harder to sympathies with.

While i don't find this to be moving or powerful like others do, I do find it to be a good little animated film. 3.5 stars

NCH responds:

abit of a fact that when I first show the animation to errorcell it did struck him hard to the similarities hes facing. and from the first take, the music he composed fitted so well with it.

he tried composing other music tones but in the end, we went back to the first one. think he really put all out on this piece as the animation did invoke his feelings of his experience in this industry.

Shit I guess I better prepare for a bunch of uninspired animations about this new meme.
You're a good artist and animator that's easy to see. the animation is great but the writing.. not so much. There's nothing really original about this. referencing "le funny may-mays" does not necessarily make for good comedy, neither does incorporating violence into something that's generally child friendly. stuff like this will build you an audience but.. would you rather have an audience of 12-year-olds who are largely responsible for the shitty condition of the internet today? or a more intellectual audience who can truly appreciate you as an artist?
I think you need to improve your writing or hire someone to help you. I'm not saying this to bring you down. I truly think you are capable of better things.

hbrunav responds:

Its a Luigi Death Stare cross Mortal Kombat X parody... what else are you expecting from it? But I feel you, I'll try to get better at writing, but I did enjoyed animating this garbage =P

Ha you're a cool guy mr Lobster but damn you've got some tone and pitch issues when it comes to singing. That's not to say you should stop trying tho.

Very nice work here! just a few things tho.. I'm a little confused as to why this game ad features angry birds and candy crush characters. They don't appear to be in the actual game. Is it just demographic pandering? or is there some other reason?.. perhaps them being hunted down serves as a metaphor for OTTTD being superior to other mobile device games? the strategy and message wasn't entirely clear to me. As for the art and animation, for the most part it was fantastic but at times some things looked significantly less polished than others, also characters hands sometimes magically changed from 4 fingered to 5 or vice versa. Inconsistencies like that just bother me... a lot more than they probably should. Over all tho this is a great animation with quality art and voice acting. That alone would make me consider buying the game... if I had a smart phone.... and if i didn't hate tower defense games...

RicePirate responds:

Using recognizable characters was certainly intentional. The point though of those games was to give the message "here's a new game on the mobile market, and it's taking on the competition." Whether it does or not is to be seen. But that's the main reason (at least story wise).

hmm I guess I'll start with the joke first... actually no before that i think i'll defend video game publishers a bit.
As people have mentioned before, this kind of thing simply does not happen. if anything, the publisher's and developer's roles would be somewhat switched. female characters are often very healthy looking and yes sometimes have large breasts but it's definitely not because of the publishers. it's because these characters have to suit a market. people want to look at characters that are aesthetically pleasing. same reason we often see very fit and even overly muscular male characters (though you won't see many people complain about that, why? because feminism). so what is being satirized here is sort of .. you know.. non-existent. not a big deal tho. you don't have to agree with a joke to find it funny, for example i liked ActiveObjectX's animation which was quite similar in premise to this one... but that brings me to my next point. This idea isn't really very original. the whole "Publishers/Devs are perverted" thing is a little too common and on top of that I think your execution of the idea could of been better. it just seems a little bit too .. dry.

Now on to the animation. last time I reviewed you work, i said that your animation looked to be improving. I think i take that back now, i mean you're still using 2 frame movements and still abusing tweens which makes your animation look very dull. The voice acting is pretty good and the art is nice and clean as always tho i still don't like the way you draw some things (especially boobs they're too damn round and they don't hover like that even if they are being supported by the clothes)

3 stars. sorry for all the criticism guys but i thought by now you would have improved on some things and the joke was a bit of a let down this time. (also at 00:42 his shadow has a black line in it and it bothers me)

Wow these lyrics are poorly written. is this the the extent of Egoraptor's humour now?
Video game reference, sex joke, repeat and then end with a cringeworthy punchline. it's so cheap and predictable ah... obviously i won't take points off you for this. i'm just shocked he could make something so bad... any way I digress. Your animation was decent but i think there's a lot of room for improvement. All the character's movements were pretty good but the characters themselves could be better. I think their designs should be more refined and consistent through out the animation. also I know it's a pain but if you spend the extra time going through and cleaning up you line work more it can really make your animation look a lot more professional.

In summary: I think your on the right track on the animation side but your drawing skills could be improved upon a fair bit.

This deserves more attention. I love your humor.

Another "It's just a mask" animation? Oh how original!.

Honestly I can't wait until this lame ass trend dies. It's like that harlem shake bullshit all over again.. except now it's contaminating newgrounds. The original joke wasn't even that great. it was amusing but nothing special. Bowz has made far better stuff in the past. Grims animation was ok... sort of milking the joke but still a different take i suppose. Then there was ricepirate's which was kind of dull and didn't really add anything new. Then and there is where the joke died... but of course all the douche-bag animators on the internet had to grab on to this and start making their own lame, unfunny versions. They just couldn't let it go, I mean it's perfect right? It's quick, requires minimal animation and you can gain more exposure via Bowz's popularity. I mean "It's all in good fun" why wouldn't you want to make one?.. you know, aside from the fact that internet fads are total shit and this one is no exception. Just like other internet fads it's become a cancer.

I suggest not jumping on bandwagons in the future. People will think less of you because it's just a lazy, uncreative thing to do. you can call it good fun. but i'll call it garbage content.

GoodBoyEthan responds:

Thanks for your opinion Jamal! You have the right idea, except you're incredibly negative and biased about it. :) I appreciate you being the deciding factor for when jokes are relevant or not ( I have a very busy school schedule and don't get to animate as often as I'd like). But still, thanks for letting us know what you call "garbage", and I call collaborative fun.

Very funny, I really like the writing in this. I especially liked the talking penguin gag for some reason. My only criticism is just that I'm not a fan of the jagged line work or the character anatomy but over all I really liked it.

To be honest this seems like another one of those uncreative animations attempting to Ride the coattails of a cancerous internet phenomenon, which I am really getting quite sick of. I'm sorry but I find the concept of this piece to be painfully uninspired. The joke is based around 2 very obvious observations 1. flappy bird is hard and 2.."Da pipes in flappy bird look lyk da ones in mario herp derp". I must of heard it a million times already. It really is a shame because I thought the art was very clean and animation was pretty good as well but that doesn't compensate for everything else. sorry.

I'm an artist/animator/guitarist from Australia, although I wouldn't say I'm particularly good at any one of those things.

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